Shopping for display coolers, merchandising coolers, and refrigerated display coolers can be confusing because of the large number of manufacturers, variety of materials used and number of companies promoting a “superior solution”. One of the greatest factors that contribute to a refrigeration unit’s service lifetime and appearance is the construction method, including its insulation materials. A well-engineered unit that undergoes stringent quality control procedures and is constructed from high-quality materials will last longer, look better and operate more efficiently.

KPS Global, is the best built, best engineered brand of merchandising coolers, display coolers and refrigerated displays for the supermarket, grocery store, cafeteria, specialty cold storage industries.

When shopping for a merchandising cooler or display cooler, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. The most important factors are the materials and installation quality. In terms of merchandising coolers, KPS Global offers the highest quality materials with improved insulating characteristics. As a result, our systems are built straight, solid and feature uniform finishes. We also offer a number of optional textures and indistinct grains that provide a look and feel that will last years. Because each of our coolers is custom made, you can be assured that you receive the best final fit.

In addition to outstanding product quality, KPS Global has the best trained international group of installers. In many cases, we’ve seen installations of display coolers, merchandising coolers and refrigerated displays that fail to meet the basic recommendations of manufacturers, industry organizations and local building codes. A poor installation usually contributes to inefficient operation, unreliable operation and a shortened service life.

Of course, you should always be price conscious. KPS Global has been in business since 1947. During that time, we have become one of the largest manufactures of merchandising coolers, refrigerated displays, and display coolers in North America, South America and Central America. This growth has given us tremendous buying power, the best raw materials and production equipment and highly skilled employees. With this strength, we offer the best quality products at the best prices.

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