Always the right solution

We are able to offer our customers an appropriate solution in every situation because of the variations of the Rocateq Cart Containment System.

Automatic release

The rQ system is designed to automatically unlock when a cart equipped with a rQ caster is pulled back into the “free” zone.

No “flat spot” or square wheels

Because the rQ-wheel brakes vigorously but doesn’t completely stop the wheel doesn’t wear down to cause a ‘flat spot’ as some other wheels do. Your customers are not left pushing “square wheeled” carts.

Power consumption

Using new techniques the rQ caster uses up to 50% less power than other retention systems.

Coded RF signal

The rQ system uses a coded RF signal which keeps signal interference to a minimum.


An investment in the Rocateq Cart Containment System is a sustainable investment because the Rocateq System keeps the area around the store clean of errant shopping carts. Thanks to the Rocateq system your shopping carts no longer become cause for nuisance, pollution and damage.


The standard warranty is 12 months. The warranty can be extended to 24 months with a Rocateq Service & Inspection Contract in place.

Low maintenance costs

Maintenance costs of a Rocateq system are significantly lower than those of other Cart Containment Systems. The lower costs are due to the rQ patented design producing less wear and tear on the wheel, lower power draw from the battery and the ability to replace component parts instead of having to replace the entire caster.


The rQ system is the only Cart Containment System with UL, FCC, BS and CE, certifications.

Self Development

The rQ system was developed entirely by Rocateq. Our extensive experience (since 1999) with other Cart Containment Systems has allowed us unique insight into what constitutes the ideal system.

In-house manufacturing

Rocateq products are made in our own factory in China. Our Chinese factory is under Rocateq management. By owning the factory Rocateq is able to guarantee our product quality.

Socially responsible manufacturing

In the production of our products we respect the UN conventions on child labor, we provide healthy working conditions and we produce with respect for nature and the environment of our employees.