“We should always design and build a case, as if we would be the installer and technician.”
~ William “Dandy” Cary Sr.

That quote was made by the father of our founder and president, and it has been a cornerstone of our mission and philosophy over these thirty plus years. Give the customer what they need, not what we need. The principle of providing customers with powerful solutions to meet their unique food merchandising needs encompasses who and what Southern is today.

Instead of just giving shoppers white metal boxes to line the supermarket lanes, Southern wanted to help retailers differentiate themselves through design and innovation, thereby developing the ‘grocery store’ into a compelling shopping experience. By utilizing an in-house design team, Southern is able to work with stores, both chain and independent, to help them develop their brand. At Southern, design comes first. This process of starting with design allows us to create cases that are tailored to meet specific customer needs. Therefore, the development of our displays is based on merchandising and customer preference. Our design and manufacturing process both literally and figuratively makes Southern three companies in one.