Back in 1961, our company founders: George Johnson, Duke Wegner, and K Hirata had a dream of starting their own business. They didn’t have much money, but together they had 50 years of refrigeration experience and a strong will to succeed.

They named their new company Zero Zone, and began operations in a rented dairy barn in Pewaukee, WI with a pledge to “build the best freezers in the business at a competitive price.”

With no payroll and no vacations, the three men built the cases themselves from the finest quality raw materials, then went out and sold them to local customers. The business began to grow, and so did their dreams.

Zero Zone soon became one of the first to utilize energy-efficient glass doors in self-contained reach-in display cases. It was this pioneering spirit that made the company a leader in case innovations, including the introduction of 1,500 milliamp vertical lighting for improved product visibility.

Zero Zone Today
Our founders were pioneers – committed to a vision, and that sense of commitment is stronger than ever at today’s Zero Zone. It’s this commitment to excellence that defines Zero Zone as a company. As a leading manufacturer of frozen and refrigerated cases for over 50 years, Zero Zone is known and respected for providing retailers with innovative, efficient merchandisers. Our full line of state-of-the-art display cases offers maximum facings with minimum energy use and footprint.

In 2002, Zero Zone acquired Systematic Refrigeration, Ramsey MN, a manufacturer of high performance refrigeration systems for the perishable food market, ice arena, institutional, and industrial users. This division of Zero Zone is backed by over 35 years of expertise, innovation, and a dedication to quality.

With case design and refrigeration systems’ expertise, Zero Zone is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations through custom product development and personalized service.